Best Bedding for Rabbits 2020

Are you distracted to find what is the best bedding for rabbits? I know how difficult it is! Finding the bunny bedding is tiresome basically when you don’t have enough knowledge about types and various qualities of bedding.

This page will evaluate some of the top-notch quality rabbit bedding available on the market. After reviewing certain qualities of each bedding type, you can select the best one for your rabbit.

8 Best Bedding for Rabbits

Paper Bedding for Rabbit – Carefresh

Paper bedding is excellent at moisture and odor absorption. Most of the rabbit owners consider bedding that ensures a healthy environment. Paper bedding for rabbits is the best among all choices because of its quality features.

carefresh small pet bedding

Bunnies tend to consume bedding and if they eat a portion of the bedding, this can lead them to several diseases. Paper bedding reduces the risk as it is made of 100% safe materials for pets.

My personal favorite is Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding, an environment friendly bedding choice for small animals. The brand uses raw and natural fibers from its actual sources. It provides no harm to the environment because of its 100% biodegradable and sustainable wood fibers.


To maintain the good health of your rabbits, ensuring a clean and dry place for them is mandatory. The CareFresh litter for rabbits is 3X extra absorbent than softwood shavings. It’s almost 100% free from dust and debris. Therefore, your pet feels warm and healthy when they sleep. Moreover, the bedding is developed to offer 10 days protection from odor.


The only drawback is its smell. Many pet owners don’t like the smell of this paper bedding. However, this is not harmful to fluffy bunnies.

Fleece Cage Liners Bedding for Rabbit – GuineaDad

What can fleece bedding do for your pet bunnies and you? – More safety for bunnies and more relaxing for you!

GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0

The fleece is extremely comfortable and safe bedding for rabbits. It seems your fluffy pet on a fluffy bed for relaxing and sleeping. Many pet owners consider it royal bedding that allows bunnies to rest on an ultimate comfy mattress.

Among the fleece bedding, I recommend GuineaDad Fleece Liner 2.0 which is healthy and feel natural to your pet rabbits. Each layer of the bedding is particularly designed to protect and absorb.

Moreover, you don’t need to check the cage repeatedly. No problem, if your rabbit pees because those stay safely in the waterproof bottom. The GuineaDad bedding costs less and lasts longer really like the best bedding for rabbits.


It covers the entire dimension of your rabbit and extends their moving area. This could be a nice option if you’re looking for low-mess bedding as well. Most fleece bedding and cage liners are dust-free and anti-bacterial that prevent various diseases.


The only drawback you should consider is cleaning the bedding frequently. You have cage liners mean you have something amazing and retain this amazing, often cleaning is required.

Unused Paper Bedding for Rabbit – Small Pet Select

Many scientific studies prove that unused paper bedding performs well to maintain a healthy cage for pet bunnies. Basically, these beddings are excellent for moisture and odor control. The noticeable thing is this controls ammonia better than softwoods shavings.

Small Pet Select

When choosing rabbit cage bedding, we always look into the quality and comfort of the product. There are many cheap rabbit beddings available which are not soft and comfy like this one.

Small Pet Select natural paper bedding gets my attention because it covers all the vital factors of unused paper bedding. No chemical additives or pesticides are used to process the bedding.


The bedding is super absorbent while offering the utmost softness and comfy. Each pack contains high-quality bedding which can be expanded to 3X in volume. The materials are never used and safer for pet bunnies.


Problems in packaging, some of the buyers complain about this. But this happens possibly the pack is not examined properly because the bedding expands to 3X than the packaging.

Corn Cob Litter Bedding for Rabbit – Kaytee

Corn cob is used on the farm and in the cage because of its abundance. It is popular as an ideal non-contact litter, but veterinarians argue this is not perfect for rabbit’s bedding. The thin hair strands and growing mold can cause intestinal problems if consumed.

Kaytee cord Bedding for rabbit

The brand I personally like for corn cob bedding for rabbits is Kaytee Kay-KOB. Kay-KOB corn bedding is specially formulated to eradicate dust and wood debris found in many other usual corn bedding. It remains dry on the top and reduces moisture and wetness from the bottom line.

There are some health concerns related to the corn cob. It tends to breed mold faster than many other litter beddings. Young rabbits can experience choking issues if ingested, even a small amount. Many experts think that this bedding type notably reduces the birth rate.


Corn cob bedding is made of natural ingredients. It keeps the dirt away from the cage. Your pet bunnies will enjoy hygienic cage as the corn cobs are stored inside and very clean.


Many buyers claim they get a moldy mess. It rarely happens and possibly for transport and relevant things.

Hardwoods Aspen shavings for Rabbit – Kaytee

Hardwoods include aspen, hemlock, fir, spruce or any other combination of hardwoods. These are available in pellets, shavings, chips, or fine shavings. Hardwoods work efficiently to make the best bedding for rabbits and they tend to be splintery and hard.

Kaytee Aspen shavings

Aspen bedding for rabbits achieves more popularity among various hardwoods bedding choices. It’s because of less phenols and aromatic oils that could be hazardous to pet bunnies. Moreover, aspen is odorless and dust-free.

I like the most the Kaytee aspen bedding which is made from pure aspen wood. The naturally biodegradable contents of this bedding make this perfectly environment-friendly. This is an ideal item for your bunnies to keep them healthier and the planet safer.


The Kaytee aspen bedding bag is specially processed to remove excessive dust and maintain healthy surroundings in your bunny’s cage. Oil-free and ink-free hardwoods materials ensure safety for your bunnies even if the bedding is ingested.


This is not very absorbent compared to paper-based and fleece liner bedding. Some buyers consider it as expensive bedding on the market.

Softwood Bedding for Rabbit – Fresh Flakes

Softwood bedding includes pine and cedar. Pet owners buy a variety of bedding of pine, spruce, cedar, and other softwoods. The untreated pine shavings have dust and aromatic oils that are harmful to the rabbit’s health.

Fresh Flakes

Therefore, if I consider buying softwood bedding, I go for kiln-dried or heated pine shavings. The heat removes the oils and the triple-sifting keeps the dust away. When many veterinarians consider pine shavings unhealthy, this treated pine is excellent rabbit bedding alternatives in the cage. 

Fresh Flakes pine bedding for rabbits is made of compostable and natural pine shavings. Low dust and higher moisture absorbent bedding keep your bunnies always warm and healthy. It is 3.5 cu/ft of chemically pure pine shavings, heat-treated to avert mold spores.


Pine has natural antiseptic properties that assist to keep down the bacterial attacks and ammonia formation. It also runs after flies, fleas, and many other pests. Its natural smell helps to remove the odor that your rabbits don’t like.


Ms. Corinne Fayo, a well-known breeder from Netherland demonstrated his assessment about softwood bedding. He said softwood shavings like pine can cause many respiratory and liver enzymes issues.

Crumble Paper Bedding for Rabbit – Vitakraft

Crumble paper bedding is one of my favorite choices and one of the best bedding for bunnies. It comes with the similar types of features of #1 paper bedding. With a cozy and soft texture, it serves incredibly to your pet bunnies. This bedding is 100% safe for the pets and the environment.


Your bunnies will enjoy a pleasing environment while the cage is lined up with recycled crumble paper bedding. Be careful to buy from well-known manufacturers because many newer companies offer low-quality and dusty beddings.

I personally prefer Vitakraft Fresh World bedding. If you want bedding that helps your bunnies a lot and the environment too, Vitakraft bedding can be an ideal choice. It’s made of 100% recycled paper that means you’re doing something for the planet.


Clean up is a vital factor for the bedding. This bedding is easy to clean because of its 99.5% dust free contents. It’s unbleached and non-toxic. Therefore, your pet bunnies can sleep on it safely.


The super absorbency makes this bedding heavier and you need to change it frequently. Many less known companies add plastics in the crumbled paper and offer very worst bedding.

Hemp Bedding for Rabbit- RentACoop

Hemp bedding is mostly known because of its extreme absorbing qualities. This is safe and healthier for your bunnies.

Rent A Coop

For many bedding types, you need to worry about the rabbit’s health if the materials of bedding are ingested. But hemp materials are safe, even they are ingested. This bedding type offers a mild smell which is pleasing.

RentACoop hemp bedding is comfy and made of softer hemp contents. It can absorb more moisture than pine shavings and smell better. The hemp for this bedding is grown without pesticides, therefore, it doesn’t cause any harm to your pet bunnies.

The hemp plant (softcore of it) is the source of hemp bedding. The plant grows annually basically for the manufacture of quality paper. It is grown and nurtured in a particular climate in France which is controlled and monitored by experts.


The cultivated plants are graded by quality and dust extracted for healthier use of small animals. The hemp bedding is considered 2X more absorbent than straw and pine shavings. It has a little dust and debris. Moreover, its soft contents and high thermal rating keeps your rabbits warmer.


It is less comfy than paper and fleece bedding. If you’re more concerned about mess, then this cannot be your option. It may get a bit messy. Moreover, extra expense on this maybe not expected to everyone.

Rabbit Bedding FAQs

Is Aspen Bedding Safe for Rabbits?

Aspen bedding is absolutely safe for rabbits. They are well-known for their absorbent quality. Many pet owners find it as ideal bedding for rabbits to abolish nasty odors.

This type of bunny bedding is formulated from Aspen wood, a non-toxic alternative to cedar and pine. It is free of wood dust and debris. If you want your bunnies to chew on some wood, aspen bedding could be a nice addition.

Can You Use Kitty Litter for Rabbits?

Using kitty litter for your fluffy rabbits is not recommended. Clay-based litters can cause a variety of problems in your pet rabbits. Bunnies may often experience digestive problem from this litter if ingested. If clay is a material, it’s not good to use in rabbit’s cage – expert veterinarians say.

Can You Use Cat Litter for Bunnies?

Never go for clay cat litters! Make sure to find bunny-safe litters. Some bunnies tend to eat anything in their cage. If you give them clay or any aromatic wood litters that can cause serious harm to them. Only, you can use paper-based cat litters for rabbits.

Can I Use Shredded Paper for Rabbit Bedding?

Shredded paper surmounted with hay is an economical way for rabbit bedding. But it can be harmful depending on the rabbit’s habit. They may get a stronger grip on the shredded paper and generate a mess. Moreover, paper can be ingested and it is difficult for them to digest properly.

Is Cedar Toxic to Rabbits?

It is best not to use cedar bedding for rabbits. Cedar has a small amount of toxic oils. It can be harmful to the rabbit’s health, basically, it causes lever problem.

Many rabbits tend to chew hutches and if it cedar-made, this can be dangerous. However, if you have no option, you can go for heated cedar which is comparative good than untreated cedar.

Can You Use Cedar Bedding for Rabbits?

There are two types of cedar bedding for rabbits; untreated and heat-treated. Untreated cedar bedding contains toxic elements and these cannot be a healthy option.

The heat-treated cedar bedding is comparatively healthier and you can use them in the cage if you have no option. But remember, veterinarians generally don’t recommend this to use for rabbit bedding. 

Can You Use Pine Bedding for Rabbits?

Studies show that pine bedding is ideal and superior to cedar. Pine shavings are safely used for the bedding, nest box, and litter. They are much safer when kiln-dried or heat-treated. Most veterinarians find it equal and excellent in quality to hardwoods.


The best rabbit bedding is no doubt the desired product to every rabbit owner. My ultimate vote goes for Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding. This incredible bedding will keep you in peace and your bunnies too. It is affordable but efficient which offers all the advantages for your pet bunnies that you care about.