Best Guinea Pig Cage of 2020

Guinea pigs are some of the easiest pets to have and have remained a popular family pet for a while now. You can’t go to a pet store without seeing these fluffy balls of fur darting around an enclosure. Kind of like big hamsters, but unique in their own ways, guinea pigs can be a great addition to the family or a fun companion for anyone who wants a small pet but can’t get the standard cat or dog.

A Closer Look

Before you go out and purchase your furry little buddy, however, there are important things to consider. Things like what they eat and their habitation should be some of the top priorities that come to mind. A habitation or guinea pig cage is a very important element to consider since this is where your guinea pig will be spending most of his or her time.

There are literally hundreds of different styles and varieties of guinea pig cage to choose from but don’t worry, we’ve got a nifty list of some of the best guinea pig cages you can find in the market today!

What Kind of Cage is Best for a Guinea Pig?

When it comes to searching for the best guinea pig cage, you may feel bogged down by all the designs. How much space is just enough space? What kinds of extra elements will your guinea pig enjoy? Should you include tunnels and toys, as well? Although these are perfectly valid questions, you can’t worry about the small details.

When it comes down to it, a guinea pig wants a cage that has enough floor space, is clean and comfortable. Those are the big issues when it comes to choosing indoor guinea pig cages.

What is a Good Guinea Pig Cage Size?

When it comes to choosing a size, you’re your guinea pig, you should consider the size of the guinea pig itself. A guinea pig needs plenty of room to run around in and even get some exercise in. You probably wouldn’t be comfortable living in tiny closet space, so the same pretty much goes for our pets. They need room to actually live in.

You should also consider the size of a cage if you are planning on getting two guinea pigs. Guinea pig cages for two are going to need to be bigger, therefore, will be a bit pricier. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to go out and buy a giant guinea pig cage, but you do need to keep the floor space issues in mind for two guinea pigs instead of one.

How Much Space Does a Guinea Pig Need in its Cage?

  • One guinea pig:  7.5sqft cage (minimum)
  • Two guinea pigs:  7.5 sqft (minimum)
  • Three guinea pigs: 10.5 sqft (minimum)
  • Four guinea pigs: 13 sqft (minimum)

How Much is a Guinea Pig Cage?

When it comes to the costs of a guinea pig cage, you must consider the size and the varying extra elements you can add to these types of cages. A standard guinea pig cage for one will cost you anywhere from $30 to $50, and any extra fun stuff for your guinea pig (such as tunnels, chew blocks, wheels, and extra cages or partitional cages) will cost you a bit extra.

The larger guinea pig cages, or guinea pig cages for more than one guinea pig, can start at about $80 up to $200 if you want to get really fancy with it.

One to the cages!

We have a round up of some of the best cages on the market, so you can see for yourself what is out there and make sure your expectations or needs are met:

1. Living World Deluxe: Extra Large Guinea Pig Cage

This style of guinea pig cage is perfect if you’re looking for a large cage or even a cage for multiple guinea pigs. When it comes to large guinea pig cages, you can add so many interesting elements into space. This guinea pig cage is great and easy to clean since it has a plastic base and wire enclosure top.

This allows air to move in and out of the cage easily, and promotes a dry living space, which is crucial for the healthiness of a guinea pig.


  • Has plenty of space for a guinea pig to run around in
  • Is suitable for up to four guinea pigs
  • Is easy to clean and promotes air flow
  • Has a balcony for extra space for your guinea pigs


  • A bit too big since it’s an extra-large guinea pig cage
  • May find it takes up too much space
  • Too cumbersome to clean for some

2. Midwest: Best Budget Guinea Pig Cage

This guinea pig cage is perfect for anyone that wants to provide a perfect easy clean guinea pig cage on a budget. It has plenty of space for guinea pigs to run around in, all while being pretty affordable at a $50 range, and providing plenty of fun elements for guinea pigs to run around in.

This is flatter, wider cage, so it may be easier to fit into tight spaces as well. As far as space and budget goes, this cage should check all of those boxes.


  • Provides 8 square feet of living space for multiple guinea pigs
  • Is super easy to clean
  • Is durable, built from plastic and wired sides
  • No tools or assembly needed


  • May be a bit too big if you only need space for one or two guinea pigs
  • May be too wide for your particular living space
  • Still may be outside of your budget

3. Best Guinea Pig Cage for 2

This adorable little hutch is perfect for your pair of guinea pigs that like to see what’s going on outside of their little world. The wire sides to this cage enable plenty of airflows all while allowing your guinea pig couple the pleasure looking out into their home.

This cage is the ideal space you’d need to keep two guinea pigs healthy and happy. It’s pretty perfect for all kinds of budgets, as well, so a win-win all around.


  • Plenty of space for two guinea pigs
  • Could accommodate three if necessary
  • Is easy to set up and clean


  • Maybe a bit too small if you want to provide space for more than two guinea pigs
  • Maybe a bit hard to clean if you have to take apart
  • May be big enough for a particular space

4. Easy Clean Guinea Pig Cage

Who doesn’t love an easy to clean guinea pig cage? Clean up shouldn’t take a day to do, so with this adorable guinea pig cage, cleaning is a breeze and won’t take long at all. The extra deep 6 ¼ inch base helps make this product easy to clean since all you really need to do is wash out the tub.

The wiring top of the cage is easy to pop off, so you don’t have to do much work at all in order to ensure your guinea pigs have the best living space possible.


  • Easy to clean
  • Comes apart easily
  • Can accommodate multiple guinea pigs
  • Won’t take up too much space


  • May be a bit difficult to take apart at first
  • May be too high for certain spaces
  • May need to take extra care drying the cage since guinea pigs need a dry environment

5. Portable Guinea Pig Cage

How adorable is this setup? This is the ideal guinea pig cage with playpen and it’s portable! This means you can take your little furry buddies anywhere you want with this easy to set up playpen style cage.

Although this may not work as a permanent enclosure, this would surely work for a day out at the park or if you need to leave your guinea pigs with a trusted friend or relative for a while. Extra bonus points for being so darn cute. Your guinea pigs will love it.


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to break down
  • Entirely portable


  • Wont’ work as a permanent enclosure
  • May be a bit difficult to clean
  • Has mesh that a guinea pig may be able to chew through
  • May be too tall or cumbersome to travel with

6. Two Story Guinea Pig Cage

Your guinea pigs can be living the high life with this amazing two-story guinea pig cage. This is definitely not the type of cage you should be looking for if you’re on a budget. Although it’s expensive, it comes with all the works.

A multiple level cage that provides plenty of space for multiple guinea pigs and an easy space to fill with hammocks, extra toys and extra lofty sleeping spaces. Your guinea pigs will certainly feel spoiled within this fancy enclosure. But hey, they’re worth it, right? Even better, this is a guinea pig cage on wheels, so easy to transport.


  • Has so much space
  • Has wheels for easy transportation
  • Is large enough for multiple guinea pigs


  • May be a bit too expensive
  • May be harder to clean due to two levels
  • May be too big for your living space

7. Multilevel Guinea Pig Cage

This amazing multilevel guinea pig cage is the cream of the crop when it comes to living space. If you’re asking yourself what the best indoor guinea pig cage is, it just might be this beauty. With so much space and so many levels, it’s easy to leave your guinea pigs within their enclosure and not worry about them being bored or not having enough space to run around in.

Plus, it’s all one wheels so it will be easy to move around. At less than a hundred bucks, it’s pretty much a steal, so don’t let this fun condo get away.


  • Has multiple levels
  • Can contain multiple guinea pigs
  • Has wheels for easy transport
  • Can be moved anywhere


  • May be a bit too expensive for some
  • May be harder to clean due to the multiple levels
  • May be too big for what you’re looking for

8. Deluxe Guinea Pig Cage on Wheels

This beauty isn’t called the deluxe for nothing. At 36 by 25 inches, this cage is a great size for multiple guinea pigs and best yet, it’s all set on wheels! Wheeled cages are super great because they’re so easy to move. This is really important, especially for the larger cages.

Clean up with this setup is also a breeze, so it’s a lot of space without too much hassle in cleaning. It’s a win win for everyone involved in this process. With so much space, your guinea pig family will surely be living their best lives.


  • Lots of space
  • Is set on wheels for easy transport
  • Has plenty of height
  • Won’t break the bank


  • Maybe a bit too big
  • Wheels may be difficult to maneuver
  • Clean up may take some time
  • May be too small if you have multiple guinea pigs

9. Small Starter Guinea Pig Cage

This little beauty of a cage is perfect for the family that is just staring their guinea pig clan. This is ideal for a one guinea pig family home, as there isn’t a whole lot of space for multiple guinea pigs to run around in.

If you do have two guinea pigs, make sure to watch them ensure they are both getting enough space to run around in. This space won’t break the bank and provides everything you need to keep your guinea pig happy.


  • Is compact
  • Is affordable
  • Perfect as a start up guinea pig home
  • Easy to move


  • May be too small for two guinea pigs
  • May be a bit difficult to clean
  • Has some setup needs

10. Play Pen for Guinea Pigs

Another great play pen option, this enclosure is so easy to pack up and take literally anywhere. Set up is also a breeze since this play pen options closes in on itself and is easy to fold in or out.

This is perfect for an outdoor area if you want to let your guinea pigs enjoy the sunshine and run around in the grass. They do, after all, need a little bit of sunbathing in their life. This is a perfect outdoor option that won’t be too harsh on the wallet.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Easy to transport
  • Lightweight
  • Provides plenty of space


  • Won’t work as a permanent enclosure
  • Too bulky to move around
  • Too flimsy if you have escape artist guinea pigs

Things to Consider Before Buying a Guinea Pig Cage

Although owning a guinea pig can be a really exciting experience, you do need to do some research before actually going out and brining your new guinea pig home. You need to figure out how many guinea pigs you want to bring home, how much space they’ll need and how easy of a set up you’re going to want to make their living space.

Once you consider all of these things and have some viable answers, you can easily pick out the best space for your guinea pig. Just keep in mind that each guinea pig deserves plenty of space, so make sure you don’t shoot under the space line when it comes to this. If guinea pigs are too tight on space, they may start to fight or get grumpy. Nobody wants that.


Do guinea pig cages need a top?

Yes, it’s important to find a guinea pig cage with a top since guinea pigs can climb out of most spaces. For safety, it’s best to keep all enclosures covered and secured.

What size cage do I need for 2 guinea pigs?

The bigger the cage, the better when it comes to multiple guinea pigs. For two guinea pigs, try to provide at least two feet of space for each. It may sound like a lot, but it’s necessary for healthy lifestyles.

Can guinea pigs have multi level cages?

Yes! Guinea pigs love enrichment and multi level cages provide lots of space, including climbing areas that will keep them entertained and in shape.

Do guinea pigs need a house in their cage?

It’d be best to provide an enclosed structure within the cage so that they can sleep soundly. Guinea pigs like to burrow, so a tiny house or covered area within the cage will help promote rest.

Do guinea pigs climb out of their cage?

Guinea pigs are nimble little creatures, and they most certainly can climb out of their cages. This is why it’s best to find enclosed structures for them to live in.

Can a guinea pig live in a rabbit cage?

Absolutely! Guinea pigs and rabbits require a lot of the same lifestyle elements, so you can easily use a rabbit enclosure for guinea pigs.


Aside from a good living space, a guinea pig needs a lot of care and affection. For a healthy lifestyle, a guinea pig needs plenty of space, too. In order to provide your guinea pigs with plenty of space, consider purchasing an enclosure that has multiple levels. This makes the home fun to run around in and can provide plenty of exercise for your guinea pig. This will make the day to day living fun for your pet and fun for you to watch them play, too.