Best Hay for Rabbits: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

A healthy diet of rabbit consists of different ingredients and hay covers the most. Giving them at least 3 types of different fruits and vegetables daily is recommended for better health. All should be included in moderation and some of them are occasionally with the best hay for rabbits.

However, a rabbit can stay healthy or unhealthy depending on the foods he eats. Therefore, it is necessary to find the best foods for your fluffy pets. In this post, I’m bringing up some of the market-leading hay for bunnies to make your finding easy.

Here’s Our Selection of Top Rated Hay for Your Rabbits

Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee timothy hay is our best budget pick as you can obtain it within an affordable cost. This pack is loaded with top-quality western timothy hay which is rich in different flavors and textures.

As we know, timothy hay is a perfect choice for small animals that are above 7 months. Its high fiber helps them to maintain a healthy digestive system. Moreover, your pet’s urinary health stays in an ideal condition because of less but sufficient protein and calcium contents.

The selection procedure of this hay is safe and healthier for pets. Overall manual assortment ensures the highest quality than other usual hays. It is pleasing to know that this product comes through a sturdy quality control system.

From manufacturer to customers, Kaytee timothy hay is stored in a secure and healthier environment. You can feed this hay to rabbits with other regular foods and don’t forget to add water daily.

Small Pet Select Timothy Hay

When it comes to selecting the best hay for rabbits, you find something that is an alternative to total rabbit nutrition. It should be fresh and appetizing too so your pets love to eat.

Small Pet Select’s 2nd cutting is high-quality timothy hay. It is our best pick on this list not only because of the quality ingredients but also for the reasonable price. It can be also a good addition to other herbivorous pet’s diet.

Your rabbits like to eat yummy hay that contains an ideal ratio of seed-head, stem, and leaf. With this ratio, this hay offers the healthiest proportion of fat, fiber, and protein. It comes with incredible food values and taste that make it certainly good food to your pets.

This second cutting timothy hay is made to support quality digestion as well as good dental health. You can buy it from different sizes and the price tag is simply affordable.

Oxbow Western Timothy Hay

This hay is loaded with the best quality fiber as well as low calcium and protein. It means you can safely feed this hay to your adult rabbits. Not only safe, in fact, it can help pets to improve their overall health.

Oxbow is a well-known name in the world of small animal diet and offer several types of best hay for bunnies. It first introduces timothy hay as the major part of the pet’s diet. The product is produced in a controlled system so that your rabbits get the highest nutrition and appetizing taste.

Unquestionably you can rely on this Western timothy grass hay for the nutritional needs of your fluffy pets. It ensures the small pet functioning properly. Moreover, it prevents obesity, improves immunity, and maintains a strong urinary system.

To sum up, Western timothy hay is an eminent fiber source for your rabbits. Buyers get it in a secure packaging that keeps the genuine quality and green texture. Oxbow, no doubt could be a great choice for hay.

Standlee Premium Western Forage Timothy Grass

Looking for a premium-grade timothy grass with the maximum nutrition and palatable smell that is irresistible to your fluffy rabbits? Standlee western forage timothy hay offers naturally higher fiber amount and low calcium.

The innovative and healthy production procedure of this premium timothy grass makes this a must-have addition to the rabbit’s diet. Hand-selected and manually completed processes ensure the fresh hay for rabbits. Pet owners only receive the highest quality grass in a protected bag.

Standlee applies a unique method which is known as the sun-cured process to boost the product quality. Before being baled, it brings the hay to an expected moisture level. It is essential to produce nice, leaf-filled, and natural green hay.

This timothy grass could be an ideal choice for your small friends as it promotes many health benefits. Being chemical and additives free hay grass, it improves digestive and dental health too.

Premium 1st Cut Timothy Hay

Providing your pets with sufficient fiber, it is one of the best timothy hay for rabbits. Even, it adds very limited calcium and protein compound. So, adult rabbits can consume the most necessary nutrients from this hay product.

It is perfect for bunnies who have just reached 7 months or older. It supports the normal growth of small animals. This hygienic hay is additives-free and fresh which can keep rabbits healthy and happy all the time.

HayRabbit follows an organic way to cultivate the hay grass. They take a longer growing time that turns the hay into beautiful and healthier food. This premium timothy hay is stored in a box that keeps its original freshness and fragrance. It is delivered from the farm straight to the pet owners.

With this timothy hay, you can add other foods in moderation. Also, make sure, your rabbits always get an adequate amount of water when eating hay.

Small Pet Select Orchard Grass Hay

You will find many rabbits like to eat orchard grass hay. Small Pet Selectcollects fresh and long hay for your pets that ensure the utmost nutritional value and taste. This orchard grass hay can be given to guinea pigs and chinchillas too.

Rabbits are picky when it comes to foods. So, it is necessary to give them that are healthier and palatable to them. Small Pet Select produces their products in such a way that they offer quality hay to make your rabbit happy.

To maintain the ideal food quality, this orchard hay for rabbits is selected by hand and packed manually in small batches. The controlled process stays them away from dust. When it is minimally handled, you get the hay with maximum freshness.

This hay is stored into a strong corrugated box. It keeps the hay fresh and allows you to manage the foods easily. Your rabbits enjoy green, soft, and sweet tasting hay each and every time.

Rabbit Hay FAQs

What Kind of Hay Do Rabbits Eat?

Rabbit’s healthy diet includes various ingredients and hay is vital among them. Hay ensures the proper digestive and oral health of your rabbits. Alfalfa hay is good for baby bunnies and it offers high calorie for them. When rabbits are above 7 months of age, give them timothy, or oat hay.

What is the Better for Rabbits; Timothy or Alfalfa?

Timothy and alfalfa hay are different because of their nutritional content. Timothy contains lower protein and calcium concentrations compared to Alfalfa. So, timothy hay is fine for full-grown rabbits that need calcium in a small amount. Alfalfa can boost the healthy growth of your baby bunnies with higher calcium compounds.

Can Rabbits Eat Regular Hay?

Regular hay can offer most of the necessary nutrients for rabbits. Adding different ingredients with hay improves the quality of their diet. Timothy is the ideal choice but never feed them excessively. Just keep fresh hay always in rabbit’s cage so that they can nibble when they like.

Is Kaytee Hay Good for Rabbits?

Kaytee hay doesn’t use any unhealthy additives or preservatives and it is good for pet bunnies. This quality hay improves the digestive system of them. Make sure to give Kaytee timothy hay to adult rabbits and Kaytee alfalfa hay to young rabbits and pregnant or lactating rabbits.

Can a Rabbit Survive on Just Hay?

Pet owners like to see their rabbits are healthy and happy. Though rabbits can live only on hay and water, this will not make them healthy enough. Adding leafy vegetables and fruits can help them to live on a healthy diet which keeps them happy as well.

Can Baby Bunny Eat Timothy Hay?

As timothy hay contains a lower amount of calcium, it cannot fulfill the need of this compound of your baby bunnies. On the other hand, alfalfa hay has an adequate amount of proteins and calcium to support their health. Therefore, timothy hay is not suggested for baby bunnies.

How Much hay Can a Rabbit Eat a Day?

You’ll need to introduce timothy hay to your rabbits when they’re 7 months or above. Before this stage, you can feed them 1/2 cup of Timothy hay per 6 lbs. After this stage, you can feed hays in any amount. But adding other ingredients can keep your mature rabbits healthier.

What Happens if Rabbits Don’t Eat Hay?

A healthy rabbit should eat a sufficient amount of hay daily. If they don’t eat hay then this leads to inaccuracy in their intestinal function. It can also cause digestive and teeth problems. So, if you find this habit in your bunnies, contact veterinarians.

Can Rabbit Eat Horse Hay?

Yes, a rabbit can eat horse hay safely as long as that is not alfalfa. Moreover, horse hay is quite affordable and you can collect them from the farmer. Just make sure to chop them correctly before giving to your rabbits.


Finding the best hay for rabbits is important. It is the major part of your rabbit’s diet. So for which hay you should go? If I consider the price most, Kaytee timothy hay would be my selection. However, I personally like Small Pet Select timothy hayas it includes the top-notch quality ingredients and comes with an affordable price too.