Best Plants for Betta Fish of 2020

Your Betta fish will thrive best in an environment surrounded by plants. Plants not only brighten the fish tank but also give the fish places to hide and play. These plants are also ideal for decorating the fish tank, providing a pseudo-ecosystem that keeps fish healthy and happy.

Betta fish are known for their unique adaptation that allows them to get air from water and the surface. Plants can therefore be a great way to restore the oxygen in the tank naturally, giving your fish extra fresh air.

9 Best Betta Plants to Buy for Your Aquarium

The following are the 10 best plants for Betta fish to choose from.

CNZ Plastic Plant

While it is ideal to get real plant, plastic plants like this one can be very beneficial to your Betta fish and their development. The CNZ Plastic plant is realistic enough that both your fish and everyone else will not be able to tell the difference.

It is also has a softness in the leaves that mimics real plants. This makes it safe for your fish while also allowing the fish to navigate the tank as easily as possible. The leaves are so lifelike; your fish will enjoy even sleeping on the leaves.

It is however important to note that this plant is larger than it looks and may not be able to fit in your tank if the tank is smaller than 20 gallons.

Greenpro Live Plant

A live plant has a few advantages over plastic plants. The most important one however is the fact that it does what plants do; provide fresh oxygen in the tank. This one has those advantages and more.

The first thing you will notice about Greenpro is that it is bright green and healthy. Work will be required to keep the plant as green and healthy as you see it, but it is small enough that it won’t require too much maintenance work.  

There are some people who have reported a problem with pests and snails, one of the major disadvantages of live plants. You can, however, get rid of the pests by spraying the plant with hydrogen peroxide solution.

Aquatic Arts Balls

To you, your Betta fish are your pets and like every other pet; they do require toys to keep them active and happy. With the Aquatic Arts Balls you can kill two birds with one stone.

They are well rounded enough to be the perfect toys for your fish, but are also live plants. This means that you get all the wonderful qualities of live plants along with the beauty that plastic plants provide.

Like most live plant, these balls may also require some maintenance. They are, however, much easier to care for since they don’t require any special treatment. Just make sure that they don’t get too many pests and your fish will love you for it.

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Blue Spotted Plant

A fake or plastic plant comes in handy when you’re a busy person and don’t have the time to care for plants as well as your fish. When chosen correctly, these pseudo-plants can brighten up the fish tank, sometimes even more than live plants will.

The Blue Spotted Plant looks natural enough any unsuspecting onlooker will be unable to tell the difference. It provides your fish with the perfect place to hide and hide. The leaves are soft enough to allow you fish to even sleep on the leaves.

It is however important to note that the Blue Spotter Plant is smaller than it appears in the photos. You may therefore need to purchase more than one if you have a larger tank and more than one fish.

Marina Betta Pink Orchid

Do you feel like your tank is too green? Adding a little bit of color is something the Marina Betta Pink Orchid can help you with. In fact, the bright pink color of this fake plant will be the only color you need (there is such a thing as too much color after all).

Since this is a fake plant, you don’t have to worry about too much maintenance. Your fish will also be drawn to the vivid color and the soft petals make for excellent and safe play things for them.

You may have a little trouble getting it to stay at the bottom of the tank, although this is nothing a few well-placed rocks can’t fix.

Greenpro Dwarf Hairgrass

A fish tank is best placed front and center in a room. They are ideal décor and often add much needed color to the room. For your tank to be the perfect addition to the décor in any room however, it has to be properly decorated.

The Betta fish themselves add color and life to the tank, but the plants you add to the tank are also important. The Greenpro Dwarf Hairgrass is a grass-like live plant that comes in a vivid green color.

Despite the fact that it is a live plant, it doesn’t require too much work to maintain and it is less likely to attract parasites and pests.

Greenpro Live

If you prefer live plants over plastic or fake ones, the Greenpro live is a great choice. It comes in a plastic container that is meant to protect the roots from damage. It is therefore very important to avoid damaging the roots when removing the plant from the container.

Once it is in the tank however, the roots only take about 3 weeks to take root and the plant will begin growing with earnest. Betta fish will love swimming around it, not to mention all the other benefits of having a live plant in your tank.

6 Marimo Moss Ball  

If you’re like most people, you may want your Betta fish to feel at home as much as possible. This means mimicking their natural environment as much as possible, and one of the easiest ways to do that is moss.

In the wild, moss looks messy and unencumbered and most people fear introducing moss into their fish tanks will introduce the same messy nature of wild moss. The 6 Marino Moss Ball prevents this problem with a compact, clean packaging.

You’ll have to be careful not to damage the moss balls, but once they are in the tank, they will give your fish the natural ecosystem feel you want without breaking apart and getting messy.

1 Hornwort Bunch

It can be challenging to get your first Betta fish. As soon as the fish is in the tank, you begin to realize that it needs so much more than water. You add a few plants to give the fish something to play with and make the tank feel more like home for them.

But in the beginning, it can be stressful to find the right live plant since, well; it takes a while for plants to grow. The single greatest advantage the 1 Hornwort Bunch has over other live plants is how fast they grow.

In a week, the plant will grow enough to provide you with much needed cover for your fish.


Can I put live plants in with my Betta fish?

Yes. You can absolutely put live plants in the tank with the Betta fish. They are beneficial since they can add oxygen in the water and reduce ammonia and nitrate levels in the water that can stress your Bettas.

How do you plant live plants in a Betta tank?    

Most live plants that you purchase will come with roots and you may need to add a plant growth substrate on top of gravel to help the roots anchor to the tank.

Are moss balls good for Bettas?                               

Moss balls can be beneficial to your Bettas since apart from increasing oxygen levels in the water, they also contribute to the growth of good bacteria in the tank.                                          

What plants are bad for Betta fish?       

Betta fish don’t eat plants. There are some plants that are toxic to them. It is best to avoid plants like peace lilies and bamboo that are not aquatic and may be toxic to the fish when they die.                                                                               

Do Bettas like live plants?          

Bettas like plants because they make the tank feel natural. Both live and plastic plants provide great hiding places for the Bettas and can keep the fish entertained. It is however a good idea to choose live pants since they can also add mush needed oxygen in the tank and remove ammonia and nitrates.

Do Bettas like floating plants?                 

Like most plants, floating plants are also a great way to add color and life to your tank. They are also ideal since they can encourage the fish to build bubble nests. Since Bettas like most other pets seem to have different personalities, you’ll have to try to floating plants to find out if the Bettas like them.                                                      

Do Bettas like planted tanks?           

Bettas are likely to like planted tanks just as much as they would like plastic or fake plants. As long as the plants give the fish somewhere to hide, they will love it. It is however worth pointing out that planted tanks require more maintenance.

Wrap Up

Your Betta fish don’t have to live in the biggest tank to have the best life. All you need to do is add a bit of life to the fish tank in the form of Betta Fish plants and your Betta fish will love you for it. The best plants provide not just cover, but also a natural ecosystem that produces fresh oxygen, keeping your fish healthy.