Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples Safely?

Guinea pig’s can eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables. But pet owners should not give them everything.

There are many foods that are new and exotic to guinea pigs. Though guinea pig likes to eat those foods, keep them away from those new and exotic items. Alright, let’s discuss guinea pigs and apples.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Guinea pig loves to eat apples. Like many other fruits, apples are nutritious and high in sugar. The large sugar amount is actually the problem that doesn’t allow guinea pig to eat apples excessively.

Pet owners should give apples as nutritious snacks or occasional treats. A bigger serving of apples can cause stomach issues due to high sugar compounds. Even soft stools and diarrhea after eating too many apples, you can notice the symptoms on their beddings.

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Are Apples Good for Guinea Pigs?

Since apples offer a variety of health benefits to guinea pigs, apples are good for them. An adult guinea pig requires 10mg of vitamin C daily and apples are a great source of vitamin C. It also helps to prevent free radicals, improving infectious agents and disease resistance.

Taking a certain amount of apples improves guinea pigs immunity. Moreover, apples support guinea pigs with dietary fiber and other minerals including calcium, potassium, and phosphorous.

The notable advantages that guinea pig receive from apples are lowering bad cholesterol, disease prevention, and improving the nervous system.

Also, avoid green apples as they contain acidic contents and taste sour. Guinea pig feels discomfort in their stomach and mouth for acid.

guinea pig’s diet. guinea pig eating apple and apple skin with apple seed

Are Skins, Core, and Pips Safe?

Skins and pips are safe for guinea pigs to consume. Despite the myth, apple pips don’t contain any harmful contents. So, eating pips is not harmful at all.

Organic apples are always a good choice, but this is not always possible. Before giving apple skins, make sure to wash properly. Though apple cores seem fibrous, they won’t choke your guinea pig.

Recommended Ways to Feed Apple to Guinea Pigs

Pet owners do everything to keep their little friends healthy and happy. Sometimes, they can show their loves in the wrong way. It is possibly allowing your guinea pigs to eat excessively.

No matter, what fruits they eat, but keep control. When feeding them, make sure to add a little amount of apples in their diets. You can increase the amount depending on the health conditions and the behavior they do after eating apples.

Another recommendation is that when giving them apples, do not add bananas on that day. You can certainly add some vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, or broccoli.