Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries Safely?

Blueberries are popularly known as a seasonal treat for humans in the summer. But can we give this to guinea pigs too? We will find the answer in below writings. In addition, the article will cover the benefits of blueberries and proper feeding ways for your guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Blueberries?

During the summer, it’s natural to think about putting some blueberries in the guinea pigs cage. It could be added as a delicious treat in their regular diet. Giving sweet foods also normal, but vitamin C chews and yogurt from the store can harm guinea pigs.

The better way to add a limited amount of blueberries with green leaves or vegetables like celery. Stored fruits generally have calories and a lot of sugar. Remember, you can feed blueberries once or twice a week only.

Are Blueberries Healthy for Your Guinea Pigs?

Blueberries have loads of vitamin C that guinea pigs require to live a healthy life. Vitamin C ensures optimal functions in the body as well as healthy teeth and mouth. Good digestion is another benefit that can be required by controlled consumption of blueberries.

Vitamin C helps in creating collagen faster in the body. In the guinea pigs body, collagen maintains healthy blood vessels and heals damaged bones and wounds speedily.

You will notice that guinea pigs generally suffer from various oral health problems. Guinea pig’s teeth grow constantly and this leads them to so many discomforts in the mouth. Giving Guinea pig sufficient blueberries means vitamin C that will soothe all the tissues in their mouth. The result is free from sore and itchy.

A little amount of fat and calcium is also found in the blueberries. This is good because guinea pigs actually require them in a small portion.

Don’t serve frozen Blueberries

Experts recommend that fresh and dried blueberries are safe for guinea pigs. It is better not to serve them frozen blueberries until you defrost them properly. You can enhance the shelf life of blueberries by dehydrating them using a dehydrator.

How to Feed Blueberries to Guinea Pigs Safely?

The blueberries are tasty and rich in food values. The problem is they also have extensive sugar content. The acid of the fruit can cause soreness. Overall, your guinea pig is supposed to have 1 to 3 blueberries in each treat. You shouldn’t give them more than twice per week for a better result.

Guinea Pig eating Blueberries

If your guinea pigs have any previous health issues, consult your vet before feeding the blueberries. Or, if blueberries are new to your guinea pig, they may show unusual behaviors. This is the point where you need to change the amount of feeding or stop feeding blueberries and consult the veterinarians.