Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage Safely?

The ideal guinea pigs diet should include timothy hay and pellet foods. It is also necessary to give your pets some different items from time to time.

This variation is a good way to keep your pets mentally stimulated. Also, they stay away from nutritional deficiencies as well as being bored with their regular diet.

But all foods are not healthier for guinea pigs. Though they like a variety of foods, some of them can harm your guinea pigs. However, we’ll concentrate now on cabbage and guinea pigs. Can guinea pigs have cabbage?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cabbage?

Cabbage doesn’t contain very much harmful contents and so you can feed your guinea pig. But a range of cabbages come with different nutritional values Therefore, each cabbage is different from others in regard to the nutrients.

Let’ learn which cabbage is better than others for your guinea pigs.

guinea pig green cabbages

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Cabbage?

Expert veterinarians don’t recommend green cabbage for guinea pigs. It contains a little amount of vitamin C, but not abundant like oranges. A small amount of calcium in cabbage helps your guinea pigs as well.

You can feed green cabbage to your little fluffy friends but in minimal. An excessive quantity of calcium can bring about kidney or bladder stones to guinea pigs.

guinea pig having red cabbage

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Red Cabbage?

The red cabbage is the best option among others to feed your guinea pigs. It has a vast amount of vitamin C than green and Chinese cabbages. The purple leaves of cabbage also contain vitamin A and calcium.

The plentiful vitamin C prevents scurvy, but don’t feed this to your cavies too much. Due to calcium content, it can trigger the development of urinary diseases and kidney stones.

guinea pig eating chinese cabbage

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Chinese Cabbage?

Chinese cabbage is loaded with calcium, but it has a little amount of vitamin C as well. Though vitamin C is necessary for them, a large amount of calcium can cause several health problems.

Veterinarians consider this as the least recommended cabbage for guinea pigs. But if you still want to feed this to your guinea pigs, do that very cautiously.

The Recommendations When Giving Cabbage to Guinea Pigs

Pet owners consider the nutritional values of foods, but side-effects are something that should be considered more carefully. Think about cabbage. If you give this much to your guinea pigs, you may find them weak and abnormal in their cage.

It is because excessive cabbage can cause gas as well as bloating. This hampers their normal life by throwing them in discomfort. The better way for guinea pigs to grasp all the benefits from cabbage, eat cabbage in minimal and cautiously.