Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes Safely?

You own guinea pigs and they live in their awesome cage. You watch how cuter your guinea pig when they lie down on the bedding! It’s really a normal thing for every pet owner.

It’s also common that you ask yourself what’s the favorite foods of my little friends. Do guinea pigs eat grapes? Pet owners are always concerned about their pet’s health and keeping them happy. But can you feed guinea pigs grapes, let’s find the answer.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

If you have other pets like cats or dogs, then you may notice that grapes are toxic to them. But what happens to guinea pigs?

Research finds that grapes are not toxic to your guinea pigs. So, you can give grapes to them. One thing is to remember that you should not give them plenty of grapes and not daily.

Grapes are a fruit that asserts some risks as well. Therefore, it could be only an ideal treat for a guinea pig. Making grapes a diet alternative can harm a lot to your pet cavies.

How Guinea Pigs Can Be Benefitted from Grapes?

Take a look at the nutritional contents of grapes that guinea pigs can eat. Ripe grapes offer vitamin C, A, and B6, sugar, dietary fiber, calcium, and potassium.

Minerals in grapes help to enhance the quality of the skin and keep them fluffy. Furthermore, grapes work as an energy booster if guinea pigs eat properly.

Vitamin C is a significant part of almost every fruit. Grapes no doubt contain a good amount of vitamin C, but not as much as apples. As there is no natural production of vitamin C in guinea pig’s body, therefore a tiny boost of this external vitamin can help them a lot.

Is there any Side Effects?

If you analyze the food values, you’ll notice 15 grams of sugar per cup of grapes. It’s really higher and affects guinea pigs by producing a large number of bad gut bacteria in their gut.

Extreme sugar compounds lead to digestive upset and stomach pain. On the other hand, fiber can cause diarrhea though this is not very common.

How to Give Grapes to Guinea Pigs?

The effective trick is moderation. All types of cavies like to eat grapes and even green grapes. But extreme feeding is not a good idea.

It is true that vitamin C is gently water soluble. If they consume it much, then they just piss it out. But this is not a recommended way to feeding your lovely pets. You can feed grapes sparingly and see if they behave oddly after eating. Remember that your guinea pigs will stay fine when they live on a proper diet plan.