Can Guinea Pigs Eat Guava?

Offering the right food to guinea pigs can sometimes feel like a tightrope. The sensitive digestion and complex nutritional needs of guinea pigs dictate that only certain foods are suitable, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. Keep offering the same food to guinea pigs. however, and they’ll get bored – no matter how healthy it is. Can guinea pigs eat guava? Read on to learn.

What is Guava?

Guava is a tropical fruit native to Mexico, though it can also be found throughout South America and beyond. Ripe guava is usually orange, yellow, pink or green in color. Guava is packed with Vitamin C, as well as a good amount of other health benefits, so it is considered one of the healthiest tropical fruits out there.

Is Guava a Good Food for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat guava and will obtain a good amount of nutrition from doing so. There plenty of reasons to recommend this fruit as a treat for guinea pigs. However, there are also caveats to this. While guinea pigs can eat guava, they need to do so in moderation.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Guava?

Most guinea pigs will love to snack on guava. Obviously, there will always be exceptions. Guava can taste slightly acidic, which may deter some guinea pigs. In addition, it has a strong and distinctive scent. Some guinea pigs can find such a potent aroma intimidating.

Once guinea pigs pluck up the courage to try guava, however, there is usually no stopping them from eating more. As guava contains a good amount of essential Vitamin C and other benefits, that has to be considered a positive thing for the health of guinea pigs.

Benefits of Feeding Guava to Guinea Pigs

There are many reasons why feeding guava to guinea pigs is a great idea.

  • Guava contains a good amount of nutrition, especially Vitamin C, which guinea pigs to do not produce organically
  • Guava also contains a good amount of antioxidants, which stave off ill health in older guinea pigs
  • Guava contains a good amount of fiber for guinea pigs – enough to keep them regular without upsetting digestion
  • Guava has a lot of water, so it will keep a guinea pig hydrated – especially if it does not drink enough
  • Guava contains a good amount of potassium for guinea pigs, which ensures healthy kidneys
  • Guava tastes fantastic to guinea pigs, provided they are not deterred by the slightly acidic qualities

Obviously Vitamin C is the biggest selling point for guava for guinea pigs, but don’t overlook the other benefits. There many reasons why guinea pigs should be enjoying guava on a semi-regular basis. As with all things though, there are other considerations to make.

Risks of Feeding Guava to Guinea Pigs

All that Vitamin C suggests that guinea pigs should tuck into guava morning, noon and night. That is not the case. As with all fresh fruits, guava contains certain components that ensure it must be feed sparingly.

  • Guava contains a lot of naturally-occurring fructose. This is better for guinea pigs than refined sugar, but it can still cause problems if a guinea pig eats too much
  • Guava contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus. This will cause urinary problems for guinea pigs if consumed to excess.
  • Guava can be addictive for guinea pigs. If they eat too much, your guinea pigs will gain weight and become obese

Offer guava to guinea pigs in appropriate moderation and all will be well. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that there are other sources of Vitamin C out there. A little guava goes a long way.

How to Feed Guava to Guinea Pigs

If you have decided to feed guava to your guinea pigs, you are making a great choice. The answer to the question, “can guinea pigs eat guava” is a resounding yes. This fruit contains a high levels of Vitamin C, ensuring that your guinea pigs will experience minimal risks of scurvy.

You’ll still need to exercise moderation in the diet your guinea pigs, however. Do not offer guava every day. Just because guinea pigs can eat guava – and should – it doesn’t mean they cannot have too much of a good thing. Alternate guava with other, alternative fresh fruits and vegetables.

Once or twice a week is a good amount of guava for guinea pigs. This serving provides plenty of Vitamin C and not too much calcium or phosphorous. Chop the guava up into chunks and allow your guinea pigs to tuck in.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Guava Skin?

Yes, they can. Guinea pigs eat guava skin with relish once they discover this snack. This is a good thing. The skin of guava is where the majority of the goodness lies. In fact, guava skin contains more Vitamin C than the entire flesh of an orange.

That does not mean that you can ignore all previous warnings and let a guinea pig eat guava skin on a daily basis, though. For every positive trait, such as the good amount of Vitamin C fond in the skin of this fruit, there is a drawback, such as the sugar or calcium content.

All the same, offering guava skin to guinea pigs a few times a week is perfectly safe. In fact, we’ll go one step further and say that it’s recommended. Alternative between feeding the flesh of guava and skin peelings to keep your guinea pigs interested. Also be sure to thoroughly rinse guava skin before offering it to guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Guava Seeds?

Like most fruits, guava contains many small seeds. These must be removed from the fruit before offering it to guinea pigs as food.

Just one seed can be a choking hazard for guinea pigs. There is nothing good to be found in seeds, so you will not be denying your guinea pigs access to Vitamin C or another health benefit.

In addition, seeds are small and tough. A guinea pig could accidentally hurt itself attempting to chew them. Guinea pigs have large, sharp teeth. If the seed is bitten straight through, a guinea pig could cuts its own mouth. This will make the acidic nature of guava painful to eat.

So, yes, guinea pigs can eat guava – but no, they cannot eat guava seeds. Take the time to remove any trace of seeds from guava before offering it to guinea pigs. While the skin and flesh of this fruit contain a good amount of nutrition and are perfectly safe, the seeds are a no-no.


So, can guinea pigs eat guava? As we have established, guava is a great fruit to offer guinea pigs as a treat. Yes, guinea pigs can eat guava, and yes, guinea pigs should eat guava. The good amount of Vitamin C alone makes it advisable, and the other nutrients are a welcome bonus – as its great taste. Just serve this fruit sparingly to prevent any avoidable health mishaps.