Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges Safely?

A happy guinea pig is healthy and this is really a delightful feeling for pet owners. The key is giving a well-balanced diet to your guinea pigs that keep them healthy. When considering adding a new and tasty treat to the regular diet, pet enthusiasts generally ask themselves – do guinea pigs eat oranges?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oranges?

Oranges are good for guinea pigs, they eat it with eagerness. As oranges offer a massive amount of vitamin C, it fills an important part of a guinea pig’s diet.

On the other hand, high sugar content and natural acids do not allow guinea pigs to eat this fruit much. The trick is providing oranges in control and this is safe for guinea pigs.

Cavies love different types of foods and therefore, foods variety could be a nice treat for them. It also adds some essential nutrients to their usual diet. But keep in mind, all cavies will not behave in the same ways. Some may represent their extreme interest in new foods, and others may not.

So, keep a small slice of oranges in guinea pig’s cage and see how they act. If they like it, you can add oranges as a part of a regular diet. Otherwise, you shouldn’t oppress on them which can lead to discomfort of your furry friends.

Some cavies like oranges to eat with other fresh fruits. You can try this; simply serve oranges with apples, pears or with vegetables like spinach.

Are Oranges Good for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pig’s diet is incomplete without vitamin C. Orange is known as a source of vitamin C boosting ability for your cavies. Sufficient amount of this vitamin prevents scurvy, an oral disease commonly seen in pet guinea pigs.

Oranges also have vitamin A and B-6 which contribute to living on a balanced diet. Both vitamins help to improve metabolism in guinea pig’s body. Also, vitamin B-6 is necessary for the normal growth of your pets.

Are Oranges Bad for Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs are very sensitive creatures basically when it is an issue of their diets. Oranges contain a certain amount of natural acid which cannot be consumed properly by guinea pigs if given too much.

Over 9% of sugar in oranges doesn’t suit many of the animals. Guinea pigs can suffer from diabetes and obesity due to extreme sugar compounds.

Therefore, make sure orange is good food for a guinea pig, serve this in small amounts. Bigger serving can lead to bigger problems for your guinea pigs and you too.