Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage Safely?

People who are new at rabbit nutrition, they generally mistake when giving various fruits and vegetables to rabbits eat. We should remember that all foods are not suitable for them. Leafy green is considered as a desirable food and all we know that rabbits are fond of cabbage.

Many people are confused about a healthy diet for rabbits mostly because of various videos published online. We see cute rabbits are eating juicy, extremely colored foods. But we don’t know that do rabbits really like all those fruits?

However, we are now most concerned about can rabbits eat cabbage?

It happens commonly that we are confused about what to feed bunnies. We look into the refrigerator and possibly, we find a piece of cabbage. No more time wasting, go with that piece and try to feed our charming bunnies. Sadly, most of the time we wouldn’t like to know can bunnies eat cabbage?

No worries if you feed your rabbit cabbage because the answer is yes.

Rabbits can safely eat cabbage, no problem even if that is a purple cabbage. Rabbit owners and veterinarians like cabbage. The reasons they find that the cabbage is nontoxic, gentle in flavor, and very high in fiber.

An ideal rabbit diet should have a minimum of 5% leafy green. As cabbage is a nutrition rich leafy vegetable, you can add this for your rabbit diet. It is not strong-smelling and flavorful and this is likable by pet rabbits.

Is Cabbage Good for Rabbits?

Cabbage has both the ideal flavor and brightness what rabbits like. It is a suitable addition to herbivore’s diet. Rabbit health requires a sufficient amount of various vitamins such as Vitamin B6, and Vitamin K. Vitamin K boosts the blood clotting system of rabbits. Fortunately, cabbage contains all these food values. So, adding this to the rabbit’s nutrition will be a good decision.

Cabbage’s vitamin C combats against the negative process called free radicals. This negative effect comes about naturally as a result of breathing, exercise, digestion, and other regular function of rabbits. These are extremely reactive.

The antioxidants from cabbage can save body cells by diminishing free radicals. Free radicals lead to various diseases as well as a genetic mutation. The common diseases by free radicals are dementia, heart disease, arthritis, and a few forms of cancer. Female rabbits get more benefits from antioxidants.

Cabbage is a well-known vegetable for its non-toxic food values. Most pet owners include this to their rabbit’s nutrition, but many owners also report problems. The key problem is gas sprouting which can lead to bloat and diarrhea. To prevent this problem, do not feed cabbage with beetroot and broccoli. You can further read Can Rabbits Eat Celery?