Can Rabbits Eat Spinach Safely?

Do rabbits eat spinach including roots, stalks, stems, and leaves? Spinach is on the good list of rabbit’s food. Though it has a small amount of sugar and starch, it can be added to the diet of the rabbit. The only reason that’s why many pet owners avoid spinach is the large amount of oxalic acid.

Can Rabbits Eat Spinach?

There is no clear-cut answer. It’s a ‘yes’ because spinach has some valuable nutrients for rabbits and it’s a ‘no’ because spinach has oxalates. Rabbit can consume it but in small amounts. The higher level of oxalates can harm your pet, so you must lessen the amount of spinach.

Make sure to buy organic spinach. Rabbit’s digestive system is very much sensitive to chemicals. Also, wash the vegetables properly before keeping them in the rabbit’s cage. Vegetables should be free from dirt and pesticides.

The stems and stalks offer a great benefit to pet bunnies. They’re a great source of fiber that helps rabbit’s health. Cut off the roots as they contain extreme sugar contents.

Is Spinach Good for Rabbits?

Instead of oxalates, all other contents of spinach are healthier for rabbits. Spinach has some incredible food values including beta-carotene, Vitamin C, E, and K which are essential for healthy growth. Some minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and folic acid are required to keep your bunnies healthy.

But spinach’s oxalates are bad for rabbits. Oxalates are not a poison and they don’t work like pesticides and toxic plants. They’re organic acids or naturally-produced food toxins, work to hamper your pet’s normal life. Oxalates can impede the bunny’s urinal tract and bring itchiness in the mouth or skin. It happens only when your pet bunnies consume oxalates in larger quantities.

There are some other vegetables that have oxalates. So, when considering them to place in rabbit’s diet, be careful. Never feed your rabbit the following items with spinach –

  • Mustard greens,
  • Parsley,
  • Swiss chard,
  • Sprouts, and
  • Radish tops.
can rabbits eat frozen and canned spinach?

Can Bunnies Eat Frozen or, Canned Spinach?

Only frozen kale is fine for rabbits because of the genuine texture and taste. Rabbits are better to eat natural foods and taste the natural flavor. The better tips, do not feed frozen spinach and other vegetables to your pet bunnies.

Rabbit’s digestive peptic is not suitable for cooked or, canned foods. They cannot properly digest any type of cooked items, not only the spinach. Canned spinach is also a type of cooked food, made by salt and water. Rabbits like eating organic or raw spinach.