Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes – Are They Good for Bunnies?

Many pet animals eat tomatoes, but do rabbits eat tomatoes? Yes, rabbits can eat tomatoes too, but an extremely limited amount. The major diet of the rabbit is hay and a small portion of vegetables can be added to make the diet much healthier.

Are Tomatoes Good for Rabbits?

Are tomatoes vegetables or fruits? Though they are mostly considered as vegetables, tomatoes are actually fruits. More particularly, they are berries as they don’t have pits or stones. The low sugar of tomatoes makes a difference from the common fruits.

Tomatoes have around 90% of water contents and other parts are loaded with various different compounds. Among them, sugar is notable which is available in a small amount.

Tomatoes offer a variety of health benefits to rabbits. Large water contents of them keep pet rabbits hydrated. Fiber is another important element for rabbit’s digestion. Tomatoes can work well in this case because they have a good amount of fibers.

Add tomatoes with hays if you notice some problems in your bunnies such as muscle weakness, undersized growth, and faster weight loss. Tomatoes have a sufficient amount of potassium and this compound can help to prevent these problems.

Tomatoes also contain the important antioxidant lycopene. The antioxidant lycopene prevents heart disease and unexpected cell damage.

Are Tomatoes Bad for Rabbits?

Unfortunately, tomatoes have many nutrients that are not safe for bunnies. Tomatoes are non-toxic, but tomato plants are toxic because of alkaloids solanine and tomatine.

Solanine and tomatine, both are poisonous contents and can be found in different parts of the tomato plants. Tomatine is largely available in the stems and leaves. So as a pet owner, always be careful when giving this to your bunnies. Make sure to remove all the flowers, vines, leaves, and stems before feeding them.

Green unripe tomatoes and the seeds are toxic to bunnies. All these things should be removed and be cautious, any toxic element in the rabbit’s diet can cause many severe health issues.

And Finally, Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Yes. Consider it treats in the regular feeds of hay. You already know the benefits of feeding rabbits ripe potatoes – water, fiber, vitamins, and lycopene are available in tomatoes.

The cons stress on you to reduce the number of tomatoes in rabbit’s nutrition. Toxic compounds, high in sugar contents may hinder the normal digestive system. Clean the tomatoes before serving as pesticides promote illness in pet rabbits. Do not feed them more tomatoes, 1 or 2 slices a week is fine.