Can Rabbits Swim – Guidance about This

Rabbit is considered as one of the most adorable animals. If you like a pet with small stature and fluffy bodies, then a rabbit can be an ideal choice. However, people are currently very much aware of rabbit’s habits because of the huge popularity of this small animal as a pet.

A common thing people want to know that do rabbits swim? The exact answer is a ‘yes’. A rabbit has swimming capability. This beautiful animal can swim when necessary. But another relevant question makes the term more complex, do rabbits like swimming?

If an animal swims in an emergency moment, that doesn’t always mean that rabbit like to swim. Possibly, they swim to survive. We will go in-depth about rabbit swimming habit in this short article.

Pet vs. Wild Rabbits

Adopted or pet rabbits do not need to swim. They only need water to drink from a bowl. In most cases, water is a thing of fear to them. Their small bodies cannot endure cold and wet things. They feel stressed about these things.

The wild rabbit only prefers swimming when they’re in danger. They swim for survival, not for entertainment. Swamp rabbits that swim in the water to keep away from a predator. You will rarely find them swimming without any convincing reason.

Extreme Cases

If the rabbits are dunked into water, they can experience severe panic. Paralyzing anxiety and cold temperature can hamper their system. In some cases, these situations can lead them to a heart attack.

Chemical Contact

The water in the swimming pool contains a large amount of chlorine. This chemical content can make rabbits sick. Even the pools for home use are not free from chlorine. So, make sure your rabbits seldom come in contact with the pool water. Not sure, but you may lose them if you’re not careful enough.

Skin Problem

The skin of a rabbit is very sensitive. It is vital to keep their skin dry. Water can damage their skin and make them bald. It is because water sometimes causes to execute bacterial infection.

So, Can Rabbits Swim?

Already mentioned above, yes, a rabbit can swim safely. But this is not good for them because of many unexpected health issues. You should monitor carefully the activities of rabbits. If they getting wet, make sure to dry them soon. Otherwise, they can face a hazardous situation that you will not like as a pet lover. Another significant thing is they never swim intentionally. Only some conditions that they do not expect can compel them to swim.