Why Do Guinea Pigs Poop So Much?

Guinea pigs live a relatively simple life. They spend the majority of their day in a cage or similar enclosure, watching the world go by and playing with toys. Another way for small animals to stave off boredom, and stay healthy, is to eat all day. Naturally, all that food needs to go somewhere. That means that guinea pigs leave plenty of droppings behind.

Do Guinea Pigs Poop a Lot?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for guinea pigs to poop near-constantly. Guinea pigs do not follow a bathroom routine like cats or dogs. When nature calls, a guinea pig will make sure it answers. There is no need to be alarmed if your guinea pig poops a lot.

In fact, you should be more concerned if guinea pigs poop less than usual. This suggests they are constipated. Other than eat and be adorable, poop is pretty much what pocket pets do with their day.

How Much Do Guinea Pigs Poop?

How many droppings guinea pigs leave throughout a day depends on a range of factors. These include:

  • Age
  • Exercise
  • Weight
  • Diet

On average, however, these pets poop up to 100 times a day. This could be while sleeping, eating, playing, exercising … just about anything! A guinea pig pooping a lot is par for the course with these animals.

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Own Poop?

A guinea pig will eat its own poop all the time, especially if the droppings are green. This sounds disgusting, but it’s actually good for them! What your pet is eating is a special kind of poop known as cecal pellets.

When guinea pigs eat food, they do not break down all the nutrients in one go. This means that perfectly good vitamins remain in the poop. Guinea pigs proceed to eat this poop, to get a second chance at digesting much more of the goodness. What’s more, they like the taste!

What Does Guinea Pig Poop Look Like?

When it comes to guinea pig poop, quality is just as important as quantity. In lieu of a guinea pig poop chart, because nobody needs to look at that, let’s discuss what healthy droppings look like from these animals.

The droppings of your guinea pigs should be small, oval shaped and dark brown – almost black. Watch out for the following kinds of poop. They suggest digestive problems with your pet.

  • Clumping poop – your pet is struggling to pass waste comfortably. It could be constipated, or it could be related to aging.
  • Dry, crusty poop – your pet is dehydrated or not eating enough fibrous hay. Both of these problems are easily reviewed.
  • Smelly or mushy poop – your pet’s diet needs to be reviewed. It is likely eating too many fresh fruits and vegetables and not enough hay.
  • Blood in the poop – see a vet immediately. Something is very wrong.

Who knew that droppings held so much information? Cleaning up poop may not be fun, but it’s a great way to keep an eye on your guinea pig’s health.

Guinea Pig Poop Chart

guinea pigs poop chart
Source: GuineaDad

How Often Should I Clean My Guinea Pig’s Enclosure?

Do guinea pigs poop a lot? Yes, they do. This means that you need to clean your pet’s cage a lot too? Yes, it most certainly does. You’ll also need to regularly check your pet for any staining.

One clean of the cage a day is not enough. Expect to change the bedding and substrate of a guinea pig cage roughly three or four times a day. This will prevent the poop from building up and putting your pet’s health at risk. As guinea pigs are not fussy about where they eliminate, they will soil their bedding regularly.

You’ll also need to make sure you clean up your pet. Poop can stick to the bottom of guinea pigs. This is dangerous. Clumping poop will attract flies, who like to eat it. The flies also lay eggs, which will hatch into maggots inside your pet’s body over time. This is called Flystrike, and it’s just as horrible as it sounds.

Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Own Poop?

A healthy guinea pig will eat its own poop all the time. This sounds disgusting, but it’s actually good for your pet! When your pet eats its own poop, especially when the droppings are green, it is actually consuming cecal pellets. This is perfectly natural.

When guinea pigs eat, they do not break down all the nutrients in one go. This means that perfectly good vitamins remain in the poop. Guinea pigs proceed to eat these cecal pellets, gaining a second chance to digest all of the goodness within.

Where Do Guinea Pigs Poop?

Anywhere, at any point. Guinea pigs will not stop and tell you when they need to poop, asking to be taken somewhere special. Guinea pigs relieve themselves on the spot, regardless of what they are doing, then move on with their day.

How Do I Stop Guinea Pigs from Pooping Everywhere?

In all honesty, the short answer to this is, “you can’t”. Guinea pigs will always poop. In fact, you may find that guinea pigs poop even more when outside their cage.

This is because they are excited by the possibility of playtime, especially if they only leave their enclosure on one or two occasions a day.

Guinea pigs poop when nervous, too. Being free is exciting and fun, but it may also be a scary time. After all, in the big wide world, guinea pigs have limited protection from predator animals that like to chase them.

Can Guinea Pigs be Potty Trained?

If you have patience and do not expect miracles, you can try to make guinea pigs poop into a litter box. This behavior does not come naturally, though. It will not an overnight success, and there is no guarantee that your guinea pig will take to it.

To teach guinea pigs to poop in a potty, follow these steps:

  • Find a safe, dark corner of the cage. Your guinea pig will like privacy while it attends to its business
  • Place a potty in this location
  • Fill the potty with soiled bedding or hay to attract the guinea pig
  • Wait for the guinea pig to poop
  • Praise your pet
  • Immediately remove the soiled bedding. Small animals do not like to leave traces of their presence as this attracts predatory wild animals

As we have explained, this will not be achieved in one day. You’ll need to be consistent in your training and keep at it. Eventually, though, guinea pigs may start to like pooping in a designed area. This will also reduce the time spent cleaning your pet’s cage and body.


So, we hope this answers the question, “do guinea pigs poop a lot” to your satisfaction. A poopy pig in your back yard is not a reason to worry! Just keep an eye on the poop in question and make sure it looks healthy. Remember the golden rules of guinea pig droppings. They should be small, dark brown, consistent, oval-shaped – and plentiful!